This is a collage of various places and certain very special people who have over the years been great friends and supporters.

This is my grade 9 class photo. Hint: I'm in the 2nd row.

God what awful hair!  And I don't mean the dog.   This is a picture of my beautiful red Doberman Cody who i lost to cancer January 24th, 2001. I got her when she was a year and a half in 1990. In my heart and soul I  miss her so much and will always cherish my memory of her.

This is an early 90's photo of me at my Macneil Family Reunion in Dundee, Cape Breton. My Uncle Mockey and three of my cousins are in this shot: Carrie MacNeil, Deanna MacNeil and Paul Muto.

My best friend in the whole world

Stephanie will always hold a very special place in my heart. She stood by me through thick and thin and showed me the true meaning of friendship in my early years when I was such an awkward and messed up kid. Love and hugz to you forever my sweetheart!

This is Wendy Hodgson and me last year at Zipperz when she was stuck overnight in Toronto because of a snowstorm.  She is another dear friend of mine I grew up with in Nova Scotia. She now lives in Cape Breton and I only get to see her on occasion. I didn't realize how much I missed her until she breezed through. Love you Wendy!

Tara and me at Mitzi's in Toronto. Halloween 2009.

Tara is another dear friend of mine from back east with whom over the years I have had a very tumultuous but valuable friendship. I love her deeply. She lives here in Toronto with her husband JC.  They own the Horseshoe Tavern and Lee's Palace.

This is a picture of me and my duo partner Lisa Comeau who is one of my greatest friends and a treasure to me. She is living back in Nova Scotia with her husband Brad McDow. I miss her terribly. XOXO 

This is the gang back in Nova Scotia. They were latecomers to my circle of friends, but quickly became dear to me. Now I only see them once or twice a year when I visit back home. Lets rent a keg and have a big summer bash this year guys! We'll celebrate my belated 40th you missed while I was here in Toronto. SOCIABLE!

Brendon was my first true boyfriend. We were together for 8 years and we're still the best of friends. He's halfway through massage therapy school and if anyone "kneads" some work done on their muscles, drop him a line. He's up for donations as he needs the practice along the way. ;) You can reach him at brendon@brendonhyde.ca  I will always love Brendon and he'll hold a very special place in my heart. I would never have learned to love again so easily without his patience and support. I had a lot of hangups from a former relationship that was a nightmare to me and my family. Thanks for helping me grow into a more confident and trusting person again. Love to you always!

This is our family home in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia. We moved back there from Toronto in 1976. They're still living there, but it's large for just the two of them so they're reluctantly selling it.  I'm trying to coax them to Toronto to live near me.  You only get one set of parents and I'm lucky enough to have two of the greatest imaginable. 

This was taken May 2009 at my brother Stephen's wedding. His lovely wife is Tina, and of course the proud parents/grandparents are my mother and father, Ken and Cathy Partington. The two beautiful little girls are their children, Jordelle and Zailee. They are growing so fast and I can't wait to see them again at our 2010 family reunion in Cape Breton. Isn't it great that they could be part of their own parent's wedding? It's a new world!

This is me and my mother singing together at Zipperz piano bar in Toronto. She was a professional singer and my father accompanied her on guitar in a trio with Wayne Fader called "The Privateers". They eventually released a Celtic album called "The Waters of Iona" in the early 80's. She and my father Ken will always be my greatest inspirations, and strongest supporters of me and my music. I wrote a song for her in the early 90's called "My Star" which is a tribute to our love and to our family musical legacy. She will always be my star, and no one has ever shone brighter in my eyes. She found a man just as special as herself. My father is a warm, caring, funny dude with a sometimes black sense of humour that he passed on to me....gets us in trouble sometimes...lol.

Mom & Dad: I love you both so much and I'm looking forward to many great years together. You always make me feel so safe and loved. Cheers to the best parents a man could ask for!

Big Nut!   This is a shot taken shortly after arriving in Tahiti. I was hired along with Lisa to sing on the Windstar Cruise Line in 2003 for half a year. We did a weekly rotation between the major French Polynesia Islands. We started in Tahiti, sailed to Raiatea, then Huahini, Bora Bora, Moorea and back to Tahiti. We also went to the Marqueses for a few weeks.

Heather and Rob partying with me in the crew mess.

Me on the Motu Tapu island off the coast of Bora Bora. I believe I'm drinking a Mai Tai in a coconut. Ahh...those were the days.

This is the lovely Bernadette. She is a local tourist guide on the island of Raiatea. We became close friends and she taught me a lot of Tahitian. Would love to see her again someday.

This is me and the gang riding the Banana Boat in the lagoon. It's a lot of fun, but what an accident waiting to happen! Good thing we are all young and flexible.

Cindy Care and I in a hotel in Toronto. She was passing through on her way back to Newfoundland. I met her in Tahiti where she was part of the gang and became one of my best friends on the trip.  Smooches to you hon!

This was taken at a subway station in Downtown Chicago. I visited this city for the first time in 2009 with my good buddy Rob Muir. He's a judge here in Toronto. Always a good person to know.... ;)

The reason I went to Chicago in the first place

This is a fellow musician named Levi Kreis. He's a singer/pianist who is becoming famous. He was featured on an episode of the Donald Trump show "The Apprentice", which led to his music being chosen for the main love theme in the movie "Kiss the Bride" starring Tori Spelling. I instantly loved his voice and paused the movie to google who he was. It was a privilege to meet this talented man and I hope to see him perform again.


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